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Endurance GroupRegion Two is proud to showcase the many disciplines of our beautiful and versatile Arabians. They truly are an amazing breed, showing us every day that the sky is the limit.

Endurance has become an area that is of particular interest to our Region Two committee and to our incredible members. Thank you for the positive feedback on the Region’s support!

We’re so happy to have you as members and participants of our events! We’d always love to see pictures and updates!

Thank you for the very, very kind words! 

"Hi Joyce,
We want you to know how much we appreciate Region 2's sponsorship of the Endurance Challenge. Every ride we go to, people always comment on our beautifully embroidered blankets, vests, towels and jackets. One of the most practical awards was the foldable three legged stool -- we keep them in our crew bags and love to use them at the vet checks on the trail. 
We join region 2 every year because of the Endurance Challenge. Marci Cunningham is a gem to head up this program and we really appreciate her commitment to it as well as yours. 
Thank you very much for all you do for the organization and the breed. 
-- Lisa and Shel Schneider 

p.s. Our new blankets will be proudly on display at the Twenty Mule Team endurance ride this weekend!"

"Thank you for your support of endurance in the Region via the Endurance Challenge. It is the reason I'm a member of region 2!" ~ Suzanne Ford Huff

"Taylor Fisher and I have been members for many years now and are so appreciative of the support of your club towards endurance.
I gave up on the Region 8 CAHC club in my area. Thanks so much." ~ Linda Fisher of Kenlyn Arabi

"I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate Region 2 funding the endurance challenge. This was my first year receiving an award and I chose a hay bag that hangs from my trailer which my horse will enjoy eating from at future rides. I joined a Region 2 club specifically to participate in this program." Thanks, Scott Lucas of Menifee CA - GEAHS member

"Thank you Joyce and Marci for supporting our endurance community!!! I love the embroidered blanket. We are very thankful. ~ Kindly, Nina Bomar"

"I have been an AHA Life Time member for 25 yrs and never recognized Regionally for any accomplishments in my 45 yrs and over 60 AERC National Championships in endurance. So I learned thru Marci Cunningham that I could switched from Region 7 who in my 45 yrs has never had an Endurance Program so I switched to Region 2 where there is a program for endurance. Thank U for Region 2’s Endurance Program where in I received my first Regional Recognition for 2017 and I am already qualified for 2018 completing 11 rides for 550 miles. Really appreciate Region 2’s Endurance program." Thank U, Crockett Dumas"


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