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Showing - Native CostumeRegion 2 is one of 18 Regions that comprise the Arabian Horse Association. We were organized in 1976 as Region 2 under the International Arabian Horse Association (IAHA) which was created in 1950. IAHA was disbanded in 2006 and reorganized as the Arabian Horse Association. IAHA moved to Colorado in 1984. IAHA provided their California Corporate cover for all 18 IAHA Regions; however, upon moving to Colorado this State would not accept the Regions under IAHA’s corporate cover. Thus, in 1985 Region 2 applied to the State of California for our 501c5, not-for-profit, California Corporation which was approved. Our geographical territory is central California. Our borders extend from the Salinas area in the North to the San Fernando Valley in the South and from the Pacific Ocean on the West to the California/Nevada border in the East. Region 2 is comprised of 10 local clubs and has over 500 members.

Region 2's Officers are:

  • Director: Nancy Goertzen
  • Vice Director: Katie Russell
  • Treasurer: Kim Dahmen
  • Secretary: Shawna McCune
  • Immediate Past Director: Joyce Schroeder

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Region 2 runs annual Regional championship shows, Regional endurance rides where riders can experience ranch work and trail rides on a large, beautiful central California ranch. Our clubs sponsor AHA recognized events and 1-Day shows, trail rides and social events. We also support the Region 2 Youth organization that promotes many equine learning and social events as well as competing in AHA's National Judging Contest.

Western Pleasure Halter - In Hand Trail Riding 2020 Championships Saddle Seat - English Pleasure

 Region 2 presidents and AHA officials

Natalie Zavala: Region 2 Youth President ~ Nancy Harvey: AHA President ~ Joyce Schroeder: Region 2 Director ~ Flora Elm: Colone AHYA President