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(Incorporated in the State of California, December 17, 1986, under the name of Region II International Arabian Horse Association, name changed to Region 2, Arabian Horse Association as of January 5, 2013, to conform to 2003 Merger Agreement between the International Arabian Horse Ass
ociation and the Arabian Horse Registry of America and as of 2014 name updated with IRS and California Franchise Tax Board)

The name of this organization shall be Region II of the A
rabian Horse Association, hereinafter referred
to as "Region 2.”


The objectives and purposes of Region 2 are to:
A. Foster and encourage good relations between member associations of Region 2;
B. Promote and coordinate Arabian horse activities throughout Region 2 and sponsor Region 2 Arabian and Half-and Anglo-Arabian Regional Championships;
C.  Formulate  publicity,  educational  programs  and  other  activities  in  the  interest  of  Arabian  horse owners, clubs and enthusiasts;
D. Promote, encourage and stimulate popular interest in the outstanding using qualities of the Arabian horse;
E.  Cooperate  with  the  Arabian  Horse  Association,  (hereinafter  referred  to  as  AHA)  and  adopt  its objectives and purposes; and  
F.  Do  any  and  all  things  necessary  or  appropriate  to  accomplish  the  objectives  and  purposes  stated herein.

Revised and Approved by Region 2 Delegates  January 5, 2013  
Region  2  is  a  qualified  Region  of  the  Arabian  Horse  Association,  hereinafter  referred  to  as  AHA  and subject  to  provisions  of  the  Constitution,  Bylaws,  Code  of  Ethics  and  any  other  rules  and  regulations governing the Arabian Horse Association

Section 1. Territory
Region  2  consists  of  the  central  portion  of  the  State  of  California.    The  geographic  territory  shall change  in  accordance  with  any  changes  made  by  the  AHA Board  of  Directors or  by  Resolution  at an AHA Annual Convention.

Section 2.  Composition
Region 2 shall  be composed of those non-profit clubs, associations and corporations which  have  aims and  purposes  similar  to  those  of  AHA  and  which  have  been duly  admitted  to  membership  in  AHA.  These  organizations  will  hereinafter  be  referred  to  as “Member  Organizations.”    Region  2  shall automatically grant or revoke membership in Region 2 in accordance and response to such action taken by AHA.

Section 3. Membership
Those  members  of  Region  2  Member  Organizations  who  are  counted  by  AHA  for  determining  the number  of  Delegates  to the  AHA  Annual  Convention  shall  be deemed  to  be  members  of  Region  2  as long as the Member Organization is a member in good standing with AHA and Region 2.

Section 4.  Annual Dues
Region  2  may  assess  each  Member  Organization  an  annual  dues  fee  in  such  amounts  as  the  Board  of Delegates may prescribe, based on the number of voting members of such Member Organizations as of July 1st

Section 1.  Voting Delegates
The corporate powers, business and property of Region 2 shall be exercised, conducted and controlled by a Board of Delegates; no expenditure may be made or obligation incurred for or on behalf of Region 2 without the express authorization or approval of the Board of Delegates. This Board shall consist of the duly selected delegates of the Region 2 Member Organizations to the AHA Annual Convention. 

The  number  of  voting  delegates  from  each  member  Organization  will  be  the  number  of  delegates allowed  as  per  AHA  requirements  and  shall  be  the  number  of  Adult  or  Life  Members  on  whom  dues have  been  received  in  the  office  of  AHA  as  of  the  thirtieth  day  of  June  of  each  year  and  remain  that number  until  June  30th of  the  following  year.   

Region  2  Member  Organizations  approved  by  the Board  of  Directors  of  the  AHA  after  the  thirtieth  day of  June  of  each  year  and  prior  to  the  Annual  Convention  shall  have their delegate count for that initial  Annual Convention  based on the  number  of Adult  or  Life  Members  submitted  on  their  application  and remains  that  number  until  June  30th  of  the following year.

Each Immediate Past Director of Region 2  shall  be a  voting Delegate-at-Large of  Region 2  following the expiration of  his/her term as Director until a successor to the sitting Director is elected and seated,

provided  said  Immediate  Past  Director  is  a  qualified  member as  determined  pursuant  to  Article  IV,

Section 3.  
Any  Past  President  of  AHA  may  serve  as  a  voting  delegate-at-large  of  Region  2  if  not  otherwise  a voting member as determined pursuant to Article IV, Section 3.

Section 2. Alternate Delegates
An  alternate  delegate  may  substitute  for  a voting  delegate at  any  meeting  of  the  Board  of  Delegates provided he/she is on the certified list of alternates. Section 3. Designation of Delegates and Alternates Each  Member Organization shall  provide the Secretary of Re gion 2 with a current certified  list of  the names,  addresses  and  telephone  numbers  of  its  selected delegates  and  alternates  to  the  AHA  Annual Convention and any changes in the delegates and alternates that may occur from time to time.  

Section 1. Quorum
A  quorum  to  conduct  business  shall  be  at  least  forty  (40%)  pe rcent  of  the  qualified  voting  delegates provided  that  one  half  or  more  of  the  Member  Organizations are  represented.  Delegates  present  at  a duly-called  or  held  meeting  at  which  a  quorum  is  present  may continue  to  do  business  until adjournment notwithstanding the withdrawal of Delegates to leave less than a quorum.

Section 2. Annual Meeting
Region  2  shall  hold  an  Annual  Meeting  not  less  than  90  days prior  to  the  AHA  Annual  Convention. Such  Annual Meeting shall  be  for the purpose of  receiving repo rts of committees and officers and  for any  other  business  that  may  arise.  In  even  numbered  year s,  the  officers  shall  be  elected  from  a  slate proposed by the Nominating Committee and such other persons as may be nominated from the floor at the Annual Meeting as determined pursuant to Article VII, Se ction 2.

Section 3. Regular Meetings
Regular meetings of the Region 2 Board of Delegates shall be held at least quarterly at such times and places as may be established by the Board of Delegates.  

Section 4. Notice of Meetings
Written  notice  of  the  place,  date,  and  time  of  any  Regu lar  Meeting  shall  be  given  to  all  Region  2 officers, voting and alternate delegates and presidents of all Member Organizations of Region 2 at least 30 days prior to the meeting, except that a meeting may be called during the AHA Annual Convention provided all voting delegates registered at the convention a re given prior notice.

Section 5. Special Meetings
Special meetings of the Board of Delegates may be held at any time and place upon call of the Director or  upon  the  written  request  of  at  least  twenty-five  (25% )  percent  of  the  voting  delegates.  Notice  to delegates must be given a minimum of 72 hours before such m eeting takes place. Notice may be given by telephone, facsimile (fax) or other written or elec tronic communication. Electronic notice  of  meeting will  require  a  "returned-re ad  receipt"  or  equivalent  acknowledgement  of receipt;  the  secretary  will  keep  a  record  of  all  acknow ledgements  of  receipt  of  said  notice  for  each individual Special Meeting called, the secretary will fol low up with reasonable telephone contact if no Revised and Approved by Region 2 Delegates January 5, 2013 acknowledgement  of  contact  is  returned  and  a  quorum  as  descr ibed  in  Article  VI,  Section  1  is met.   Conference calls may be regarded as "Special Meet ings" if so declared by the Director.

Section 6. Emergency Meetings
Emergency  meetings  may  be  called  for  any  purpose  regarding  a Regional  or  National  situation  that demands immediate action as determined by the Director, a nd may, at the discretion of the Director, be called  by  notification  to  all  delegates  of  said  meeting within  24  hours  preceding  same,  providing contact with each delegate is attempted by telephone (a m essage left with place, date, and time of said meeting  in  addition  to  contact  number  on  an  answering  mac hine  will  be  considered  contact  with  that delegate), by fax, or other written or electronic communi cation. Electronic notice  of  meeting will  require  a  "returned  re ad  receipt"  or  equivalent  acknowledgement  of receipt;  the  secretary  will  keep  a  record  of  all  acknow ledgements  of  receipt  of  said  notice  for  each individual Emergency Meeting called, the secretary will f ollow up with reasonable telephone contact if no  acknowledgement  of  contact  is  returned  and  a  quorum  as  des cribed  in  Article  VI,  Section  1  is met. Conference  calls  may  be  regarded  as  "Emergency  Mee tings"  if  so  declared  by  the  Director.  At such meetings, any action voted upon must meet with favo r of at least 85% of the delegates present.  

Section 7.  Voting by Hard-Copy Secret Ballot   
A.Voting by Secret Ballot by Mail:  When authorized by the Board of Delegates,  voting by mail  by  officially-authorized,  hard-copy  ballots  only  sha ll    be  permitted,    provided  that  all voting  delegates,  alternates,  officers  of  Region  2  and  pr esidents  of  Member  Organizations are  notified  by  mail  or  other  written  or  electronic  comm unication  addressed  to  each  of  the above individuals currently appearing on Region 2 records at least 30 days prior to final date for submission of ballot to be acted upon.

B.Electronic notice of  above  notification will  require  a  "returned  read  re ceipt"  or  equivalent acknowledgement  of  receipt  and  must  include  description  of  t he  ballot  subject.    The secretary  will  keep  a  record  of  all  acknowledgements  of receipt  of  said  notice.    The secretary  will  follow  up  with  reasonable  telephone  cont act  if  no  acknowledgement  of contact is returned.  A quorum as described in Article VI, Section 1, must be met at least 15 days prior to the final date for submission of the ballots to proceed with the secret-ballot-by- mail action. The absence of a returned ballot within the time indicat ed within the mail ballot will  make that ballot null  and  void  for the purposes of  being counted. No other voting-by- mail ballot may be authorized.

C.Voting  by  Secret  Ballot  at  Meetings: Voting  by  secret  ballot  may  be  conducted  at  any Region 2 Meeting where all members of that quorum are phy sically present.  Any Delegate present  may  call  for  a  secret  ballot  for  any  vote  bro ught  to  the  floor.    The  Region  2 Secretary will have ballot forms available at all mee tings.

Section 8. Abstaining Votes
Any delegate wishing to abstain from a vote shall not ha ve their vote counted as either a "yea" or "nay" vote. An abstaining vote shall be reflected as such in t he minutes.

Section 9. Voting by Presiding Officer
The Presiding Officer shall not vote except in case of a tie and in that case he/she shall cast the deciding vote regardless of whether he/she is a voting delegate. Revised and Approved by Region 2 Delegates January 5, 2013    


Section 1. Enumeration
The officers of Region 2 shall consist of a Director, a Vice Director, a Secretary and a Treasurer.  It is not  mandatory  that  officers  be  voting  delegates  of  Reg ion  2,  but  they  must  be  members  in  good standing of a Member Organization of both Region 2 and t he AHA. A  non-delegate  officer  may  vote  at  Region  2  meetings;  ho wever,  only  duly  elected  and  credentialed Regional Delegates (or their authorized and credentialed al ternates) may vote on the floor at the Annual Convention.

Section 2. Election
Officers  shall  be  elected  by  majority  vote  of  the  voti ng  delegates  of  the  Board  of  Delegates  in attendance  at  the  meeting,  except  that  the  Secretary  may be  appointed  by  the  newly  elected  Director with the approval of the Board of Delegates. If the Dire ctor does not appoint a Secretary, the Board of Delegates will. Elections shall be held at least 90 days preceding the AHA Annual Convention held in even-numbered years. Terms of office shall be for approxi mately two years commencing at the end of the AHA Annual Convention following their election and co ntinuing until the election and qualification of their respective successors. All nominees for office must be members in good standing of a Member Organization  of  Region  2  and  have  had  prior  experience  gaine d  by  having  served  as  a  delegate  for  at least one year.

Section 3. Duties of the Director
The  Director  shall  serve  as  Region  2  Director  of  the AHA  Board  of  Directors.  He/she  may  call meetings  of  the  Board  of  Delegates  of  Region  2  when  nee ded  in  accordance  with  these  Bylaws  and shall preside over all such  meetings. He/she  shall  have general charge and supervision of the business of  Region  2,  subject  to  the  limitations  imposed  by  these  B ylaws  and  the  Board  of  Delegates.  He/she shall be ex-officio member of all committees except th e Nominating Committee.

Section 4.  Duties of the Vice-Director
The Vice-Director shall assist the Director in perfor mance of his/her duties and exercise all functions of the  Director  in  his/her  absence  or  at  his/her  request. If  the  office  of  Director  is  vacated,  the  Vice- Director shall serve as Director for the remainder of the unexpired term upon approval of the Board of Delegates as described in Article VII, Officers; Sect ion 8., Vacancies.  

Section 5. Duties of the Secretary
The Secretary shall keep or cause to be kept a full and c omplete record in writing of the proceedings of Region 2 and shall notify all officers, delegates, alter nates, and presidents of Member Organizations of the time and place of meetings. The Secretary shall m aintain a current list of the names, addresses and telephone  numbers  of  delegates,  alternates,  officers, presidents  of  Member  Organizations,  committee chairmen  and  members of Region 2  Member Organizations. The Secretary shall  keep an  inventory of all Region 2 property and shall perform such other duties as usually pertain to the office of Secretary.

Section 6. Duties of the Treasurer
The  Treasurer  shall  be  chief  financial  officer  and  shall receive  or  cause  to  be  received  all  monies belonging to or paid into Region 2 and safely keep same. Th e Treasurer shall disburse funds of Region 2 in accordance with the directives of the Board of De legates. The Treasurer shall keep complete books of account and shall present a detailed written financial report to the Board of Delegates at the Region 2 Revised and Approved by Region 2 Delegates January 5, 2013 Annual  meeting and  at  interim  periods as  may  be required  by t he Board of  Delegates or the Director. The  Treasurer  shall  produce  an  annual,  consolidated,  Regio n  2  budget  for  approval  of  the  Board  of Delegates at the  first  meeting of each  calendar  year. The Treasurer shall  be a  member of any  existing Budget Committee and/or Ways and Means Committee.  

Section 7. Other Duties
In  addition  to  the  duties  outlined  in  the  preceding  sections ,  the  Officers  may  have  such  other  duties, individually or collectively, as specifically delegated by the Board of Delegates.

Section 8. Vacancies
A. Vacancy of Director’s Office.   
In  the  event  of  a  vacancy  for  any  reason  in  the  office of  Director,  the  Vice  Director  will
forthwith become Director for the unexpired term upon the approval of the Delegates

1)Approval Process.  
If there  is no regular Delegates’  meeting scheduled within 30 days of  the  occurrence  of  said  vacancy,  a  Special  Meeting  wil
l  be  called  within  10  days  of that  vacancy  as  per  Article  VI,  Section  5,  for  the  purpose  of  addressing  Delegate approval of the Vice Director’s  moving  into the  Director’
s position, with the exception that this meeting will be called by the Secretary.
   Voting will be by secret ballot as per Article VI, Section 7 via postal, hard-copy mail only, no electronic voting will be allowed.    

2)Disapproval of or Refusal by Vice Director to Ascend to Director’s Office.
In  the  event  the  Vice  Director  is  not  approved  as  Direc tor or  does  not  wish  to  assume  the position, the Secretary or Treasurer if the Secretary cannot fill the position, will  move  into the  Director’s  chair  temporarily.  The  nominating  and  el ection  process  will  be  immediately activated  to  fill  the  vacant  Director’s  position  for  t he  remaining  unexpired  term  as  per Article  VIII,  Section  2,  A.  with  the  following  exceptio n.      The  last-approved  Nominating Committee  will  immediately  convene  to  present  a  slate of  at  least  one    candidate  for  the position  of  Region  2  Director  to  the  Delegates  within  ten (10)  days  after  confirmation  of Vice Director’s not filling the Director position.  

a.Upon the completion of the Nominating  Committee’s report, a Special  Meeting will  be called  by  the  “temporary-acting  Director”  as  per  Article VII,  Section  8,  A,  1),  for  the
purpose of electing a  Director.  The voting will be per Article VII, Section 8, A, 1), a.  

B.The serving to fill the remainder of this unexpired term will not be considered as part of the next 2-year term for the election of a Director, if the person serving the partial term is elected as Director in their own right at the next regular election of officers.

C.In the event of a vacancy of any other office, the vacancy shall be filled by appointment by the Director subject to the approval of the Board of Del egates.  Such appointees shall  hold Revised and Approved by Region 2 Delegates January 5, 2013 office for the remainder of the unexpired term and have such voting privileges as if elected to the office.

Section 9. Removal of Officers
Any  officer  may  be  removed  at  any  time  for  any  reason  pro vided  a  vote  to  do  so  is  called  for  by  a minimum of six (6) delegates representing a minimum of fo ur (4) Member Organizations of Region 2. Upon such call, a thirty (30) day written notice must be given separate from the usual notice as required by Article VI, Section 5, and a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of all Region Two delegates is necessary to unseat said officer.

Section 1. Establishment
The Board of Delegates or the Director, with the approv al of the Board of Delegates, may provide for  the  establishment  and  duties  of  such  committees  as  m ay  be  necessary  or  desirable.  Each committee shall submit a budget for its activities for t he coming year to the Treasurer no later than the  last Quarterly  meeting of the Board of Delegates f or the calendar  year. All  committees  should be assessed annually for activity and need.

Section 2. Standing Committees
A.Nominating Committee.  
A Nominating Committee of not less than three (3) shall be elected by the Board of Delegates no later than the last regula r meeting of the Board of Delegates prior to the Annual Meeting in even-numbered years.  The primar y duty of this committee will be to formulate  a  slate  of  nominees  for  office  and  to  conta ct  each  person  so  nominated  to  obtain acceptance  of  the  nomination.    The  Nominating  Committee ’s  slate  shall  be  published  in  the meeting notice of Annual Meeting

B.Ways  and  Means  Committee.
    The  primary  purpose  of  this  committee  shall  be  to  make a continuing   and   comprehensive   study   of   all   possible   sources   of   income   and   make recommendations to the Board of Delegates.

C.Internal Audit Committee.
  The primary purpose of this committee shall be to audit all Region 2  accounts  on  a  yearly  basis.    At  least  two  thirds  of  the  persons  appointed  to  this  committee should understand accounting procedures and practices.

Section 2. Other Committees
The Board of Delegates, or the Director with the approva l of the Board of Delegates, may create other standing committees as deemed necessary and establish th eir composition, objectives and procedures.

These Bylaws may be amended, altered or repealed, in whole or in part, by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of all Region 2  voting delegates. This action  may  be taken at a dul y  authorized  meeting  at which a quorum (as described in Article VI, Section 1) is in attendance o r by mail ballot. In either case, thirty (30) days prior  written  notice  of  the  amendments  or  changes  to be  considered  must  be  given  to  all  delegates, alternates, officers of Region 2, and Presidents of M ember Organizations.

Revised and Approved by Region 2 Delegates
 January 5, 2013    

Section 1. Parliamentarian
Parliamentarian  may  be  appointed  by  the  Director  and  shall  serve  in  an  advisory  capacity  to  the Director and the Board of Delegates.   

Section 2. Rules of Order
The  rules  contained  in  Roberts  Rules  of  Order  Newly  Re vised  as  from  time  to  time  amended  shall govern the deliberations of Region 2 delegates where not otherwise provided in these Bylaws or those of  AHA.


These amended Bylaws shall take effect and be in force fr om and after passage by Region 2 delegates and  all  previous  Bylaws  of  Region  2  are  thereupon  repealed. The  Arabian  Horse  Association Constitution, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations supersede th ese Bylaws at all times.

Know All Men by These Present: That  we,  the  undersigned,  being  the  Director  and  Secretary  of  Region  2,  a  qualified  region  of  the Arabian  Horse  Association;  a  corporation  incorporated, organized  and  existing  under  the  laws  of  the State of California do hereby  certify that the  foregoing Bylaws consisting of eleven (11) articles  were duly  adopted  as  the  Bylaws  of  said  Region  2  on  the  5th  day  of the  month  of  January  of  the  year  of 2013.


__________________________1/5/2013         ___________________________1/5/2013

Jay Greenberg, Director     Date                    Secretary                        Date

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