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Following is the Initial Operating Procedures document as adopted in May, 1989.  Since that initial document, new  Region  2 Policies as a result of Motions’ and Bylaws’ Updates adopted By Region 2 Delegates at BOD Meetings have been added.

The   following  are Region Two   “Operating   Procedures” currently   in   affect   for   conducting Regional  business. These  procedures  are  either  from  the  Region  2  Bylaws  or  are motions  passed  to  be  used  in  addition  to  and  in concordance  with  the  Region  2  Bylaws.   Operating  Proced ures shall be periodically assessed as necessary.   Mot ions passed by the Region 2 Delegates that affect long-ter m po licy will be added to this document as appropriate. NOTE:    Because  of  the  changing  of  the  numerical  designation  of  this  Regi on  from  its  inception  in  1974  to  current date,  that  designation  will  appear  as  Region  2  (original  in  1974),  Region  II  (f irst  change  circa  1980),  Region  Two (second  change,  1996)  and  Region  2  (as  of  January,  2013)  in  the  following  paragraphs  depending  upon the  actual numerical  designation being used at the time of acceptance of the below ref erences to our Bylaws, motions and policy requirements.

The  regular  quarterly  Delegate’s  meeting  dates will  be  set  by  the  Region  II  Director  and approve d by the Board of Delegates at the first meeting of each year. The dates  may be changed by the Director for valid rea sons  of conflict, to better serve the Region or  upon  the  re quest of  a  Delegate(s)  provided  notice  is  given  to  all  Region  I I  Delegates  and  Officers   in  a   timely   fashion   an d   less than   a  majority  of  opposing  written,  faxed,  or otherwise documented  opposition  is  received  by  the  Di rector  within 10  (ten)  days  of  notice  sent.    No response will be considered a vote of approval of change.

In    addition    to    Officers    and    Delegates,    notice of    regular    meetings    will    be    sent    to    alternate Delegates  and Presidents  of  Member  Organizations  of  Region  II  in  a ccordance  with  na mes  and addresses  provided  by  each  club. It  shall  be  the  Club’s  responsibility  to  keep  the  Region  I I Secretary  infor med  of  any  and  all  changes.   Spec ial  and Emergency  Meetings  require  notice only to Region II O fficers and Delegates. Delegate/Alternate  Certification: Each  Club  must  send  a  list  of  their  delegates  and  alterna tes,  signed  by  the President  of  that  Club,  to  the  Region  2  Secretary  to  be  on permanent  file  for  that year as of January 1.   No   delega te or    alternate    will   be  seated  with  voting  privileges    wi thout   this   certification  being    on  file    with  the  Region 2 Secretary. When  sending  a  delegate  or  an  alternate  that  does  not  appear on  this  list,  a  letter  must  be  on  file  with  the  Region Two Secretary before the start of that particular  mee ting,  indicating that person is to be recognized as a  dele gate or  an alternate  for  that  meeting,  and  must  be  signed  by  the  Pr esident  of  that  Club. (BOD  meeting,  approximately  1984, motion made by Mike Makowski)

The  Region  II  Secretary  shall  be  appointed  by  the  Direct or  and  shall  be  approved  by  a  simple  ma jority  of  the Delegates.   An  appointed  Secretary  shall  not  have  a  vot e unless  he/she  is  a  duly elected and regular voting De legate. Region  II  Newsletter: A  Region  II  Newsletter  will  be  composed  and  se nt  to  all  Region  II members after each Regular Quarterly Delegates Meeting. (See BOD Minutes, January, 1979) Motion  updating  this  newsletters  distribution  date  indicates  t he  newsletter  must  be  sent  to  all  Region  Two  members within 30 days of each meeting (Motion by Penny Wardlaw, April, 2003) Region  Two  Official  Logo: The  Logo  designed  by  Carol  Walter  for  the  1980  Region  II  Show  has b een  adopted as  the  official  Region  II  Logo.   This  logo  will be  used  on  all  official  Region  2 documents. (See BOD Minutes, December 27, 1980)

Voting outside of a regularly scheduled Delegates meet ing shall be allowed providing that viable information per taining to the final outcome or  decision  has  not  been  present ed  after  the  acceptance  of  the  transmission  and/or  pr ior  to  the vote.    Any  transmission  must  carry  the  date,  time and  signature  of  the  voting  delegates  to  be counte d. See Region 2 Bylaws, Article VI, Meetings, Sections 5 and 6. (BOD motion, date unknown)

All committees with the exception of any “Standing Committees” shall be:
a)    Made up of volunteers that wish to serve  
b)    Special-Purpose  Committees/Commissions  appointed by  the  Director  with  the approval  of  the  Board of  Delegates,  such  as  “ad hoc” committees. All  committee  chairs,  with  the  exception  of  any  “Standing  C ommittee”  shall  be  elected  by  that  committee’s membership unless designated to be appointed by the Director. Committees  made  up  of  volunteers  shall  not  be  lim ited  to  any  number  of  members,  but  said committ ees can set forth certain requirements, such as a mandatory numb er of meetings attended, to maintain committee member s tatus.

All Standing Committees and their chairs shall be appointed by the Director with approval by the Delegates. Current standing Committees and their jobs are as follows:

a)    Nominating Committee – Refer to Bylaws Article VIII, Section 2A

b)   Internal Audit Committee – Refer to Bylaws Article VIII, Section 2C

c)    Ways  and  Means  Committee  –  Refer to Bylaws Article VIII, Section B

d) Annual  Budget  Committee  –  The  primary  purpose  of this  committee  shall  be  to receive all Region Two Budget requests by the last meeting of each year for the next year’s budget, compile said requests, assess priorities for expenditure vs. income , and present a recommended budget to the Board of Delegates at the first  meeting of  each year for action Committee Cancellation: Committees  that  do  not  meet  and report as  instructed a re then considered  disbanded.   ( See BOD meeting, 11/15/2003)


The  following  motions  have  been  passed  at  Region  2  Meetings  by  Re gion 2  Delegates  since  the  initial  adoption  of this document in 1989 and are currently active, except as noted!

VII. FINANCIAL Payment for Services Rendered
The  payee  of  a  check,  if  that  check  is  for  payment  of  ser vices  rendered,  cannot  be  the  sa me  as either  signature on the check. (See BOD meeting 5/7/94 minutes, page 2, Audit Report.)

Requirement  for Payment: Budgeted   funds   will  be  approved  and  payment   made    only from  approved   funds and   upon presentation  of  either  a  vendor’s  invoice  or  writte n request. (See  BOD  meeting  5/7/94  minutes, page  2, Audit Report.)

Financial Reporting: A  financial  report  will  be  made  to  the  Region 2  membership  on  an  annual  basis. (See  BOD meeting minutes, 8/12/94.) Annual Budget

Establish New Required Budget Category: Resolved  that  the  category  of  “Contingency  Expenditur e”  be  added to  the  Region  2  Annual  Budget   which   would   allocate a   designated   budgeted   a mount   to   be   approved   upon budget approval,  thereby  alleviating  the  in-place  bylaw ’s  requirement  for  notification  and  time  lapse be fore vote can be officially submitted for budget variance requeste d, and Be  it  further  resolve  that  the  expenditure  of  funds  from  this category  must  have  the  approval  of  the  Director  and Treasurer at time of expenditure, and Be  it  further  resolved  that  any  expenditure  from  this  fund must  be  submitted  with  receipts  for  said  expenditure    for final  approval  by  the  Delegates   at   the   next   re gularly-scheduled  Delegates’ meeting, and be  it  furth er  resolved that  if  said  expenditure  is  not  approved  by  the  Del egates,  the  Officer responsible  for  making  said  exp enditure is  responsible  for  reimbursing  Region  2   in  the  ful l amount  and  ma y  ma ke  no  further  expenditures  on  behalf  of Region 2 until said reimbursement is completed, and Be  it    further    resolved  that    this  be  considered  a    Regi on  2  Policy  and  be  added  to  the  Region  2  Operating Procedures upon approval. (BOD  Meeting, April 25, 2009)

Region 2 Corporate Policy: Jeff Reichman made a motion that any tax preparer used by R egion 2 must be approved in advance by the delegates. Motion seconded by Penny Wardlaw and approved by the del egates with one abstention. ( BOD Meeting, July 12, 2014) Penny  Wardlaw  moved to rescind the  initial  Motion  from July 12, 2014 that gave nomination and  approval of the Board approving the tax preparer before Taxes are appr oved yearly; Lorry Wagner seconded; Motion passed with 1 abstention. ( BOD Meeting, January 10, 2015) Penny  Wardlaw  moved  to  have  Region  2  Treasurer  be  mandate d  to  report  the  progress  of  the  Tax  Return filing status of that year at each delegate’s meeting up until the date of Tax filing ; the motion was seconded by Lorry Wagner; vote was agreed to unanimously. The Moti on was passed.   ( BOD Meeting, January 10, 2015)

Director’s  Award: The    delegates    approved    the    request    of    the    Director    (Lorry    Wagner)    to  establish   a  Director’s  award  to  be  used  to  recognize  individuals  in  Region  2  who  have  ma de outstanding contributions to or for  the  Region  and/or  the  Arabian  horse.    Recipients  of  t
his  award  will  be  selected  by  the  Director.
(See  BOD Minutes, April 27, 1991)

Region   2   Newsletter:
The  Region  2  Newsletter  will  be  sent  to  all  Region  2  memb ers  no  more than 30  days after each Regular Quarterly Delegates Meeting. (Adopted by BOD, 2003)

Region   2   Newsletter : The  old  rates  that  were  updated  by  Lorry  Wagner (from  original  1979 prices)   will  be used  until  changed.  These  rates  will  continue  as follows  until  and/or  unless  delegates  vote  to   ch ange  same: $100.00,  full  page;  $65.00,  half  page;  $45.00,  quarter  page; $25.00, business-card  size;  and  Classifieds  rema in  at $0.10  per  word  for  Region  2  members  or $$0.25  per  word  for  a ll  others.    All  advertising  must  be  prepaid  and sent   ca mera-ready.      The  listings  in  the  Calendar  in the  Newsletter  will  be  free  for  Region  2  Club  events.     T he newsletter will  also  accept  pre-printed  advertising which  will  be  included  “loose”  in  the  Newsletter at  a $25.00 fee. (Adopted by BOD, January, 2005)

Region 2 Shows:

Show  Approval:   
The  Region  2  Director  will  not  approve  any  ‘qualifying’  shows that  are  held  as  ‘joint’ shows  between  Regions.
Passed  unanimously.  
(See  BOD  Minutes,  April  26,  1997)

(This    motion   was   the   result   of   Los   Robles  de   Oro   request   for   a   joint-Regional show...res
cinded August 5, 2000)

Dual-Regional   Show   Approval:     
The   Region   2   delegates   gave   approval   for   the   San Joaquin  Valley/Golden Empir e  “double-header”  show  to  also  hold,  in  conjunction,  a Region  1  show  on their  May,  2000,  show  date.   After over  an  hour  of  discussion,  the  motion  passed  by  a  vote  of  8 approving   and   7    disapproving   and   at    least    one abstention.    Highlights  of  the  discussion    are  reported  in  Ju ly,  1999,  Newsletter,  (as  shown  in  the  next  paragraph) since  it  was  a  very  intense,  emotional,  and  dramatic ally  affects  Region  2  Club  shows. (July  31,  1999,  Region  2 Meeting Minutes)

*NOTE:  Dual-region  show  discussion.      This  discussion  evolved  b etween  two  distinct  points  of  justification. Those  approving  of  this  dual-region  concept  promoted  the  point  o f  view  that  club  shows  must  do  everything possible  to  guarantee  financial  success,  whatever  it  m a y  take  without  consideration   of other   clubs   within   those Regions.    Many  exhibitors  and  trainers  prefer  the dual- region  concept,  since  qualification  for  two  R egions  can be   gained   at   one   location   at   one   time.  Those  with an  opposing  view  indicated  that  club  shows  within  a  Region should  take  first  priority  over  any  outside  Region  looking  for show  approval  within  that  region.    The  clubs  within Region 2 reported that  shows  had been  both  canceled  complet ely and  others  could  contribute  loss  of  entries  in  very large  numbers  directly  due  to  the  delegates’  approval  o f  this  same  concept  in  1998  for  the  1999  dual-region  show. (July 31, 1999, Region 2 Meeting Minutes)

Duel-Regional   Show   Approval:
Tom   Cling   moved   that   the   following   motion   passed unanimously  at  the  April  26,   1997,  regular   delegates   meeting  “The  Region 2  Director   will   not  approve  any  ‘qualifying’  shows that  are  held  as  ‘joint’  shows  between  Regions  ”  be  rescinded.  Seconded  by  Gil  Chavez.    Motion  carried  with  2
nays.  (See BOD minutes, August 5, 2000.)

Multi-region Show  Approval:   Be  it  resolved the Region 2  Director  may approve  multi-regi on shows within Region 2 with the following guidelines: 1) That ther e be reciprocal shows in both Regions,  2)  Shows  in  both  regions  must  be class  “A”,   3)  Shows  in  both  regions  must  have  a  comparable number of classes, 4) Shows in both regions must have a comparable discipline of classes and 5) The regions  must b e contiguous.  Motion carried, 1 nay. (See BOD minutes, August 5, 2000.)

Non-Region 2 Show Approval : Discussion of requests by  non-IAHA Club or other  entities  requesting approval  of  a  Class  A  show.  It was decided  that any  non-IAHA  Club  or  entity requesting   Region   2   a pproval must   give   a   presentation to   the   Region   2   Delega tes   for consideration. (See BOD minutes, August 5, 2000.)


Updated: April, 1991, August, 1994, July, 1996, April, 1997, July, 1999, August, 2000,  November, 2003, January, 2005, April, 2009, May 15, 2012, June 13, 2012, January 21, 2015

This updated document as of March 29, 2015, supersedes all previous issues

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