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Amateur: Gordon Walter - glwalter39@sbcglobal.net

Awards: Nancy Goertzen - goertzenarab@gmail.com

Bylaws: Penny Wardlaw - phwardlaw@aol.com

Combined Training/Driving: Open

Distance Riding & Endurance:
Marci Cunningham - mcunningham@calcot.com
Dory Kline - haremar@wildblue.net

Dressage: Annette Wells - serserr@aol.com

Equine Stress: Ray Cerniga - cerniga@inreach.com

Hunter/Jumper: Annette Wells - serserr@aol.com

Internal Audit:
Gordon Walter - glwalter39@sbcglobal.net
Annette Wells - serserr@aol.com

Membership: Penny Wardlaw - phwardlaw@aol.com

Newsletter: Joyce Schroeder - joyce18089@sbcglobal.net

Professional Horsemen: Kelly Elm

Scholarship:  Katie Russell

Region 2 2019 Championship Show:
Joyce Schroeder - joyce18089@sbcglobal.net
Penny Wardlaw - phwardlaw@aol.com

Region 2 Spring Qualifier Show: Janet Dunlap

Sport Horse/Anglo Arabian: Annette Wells - serserr@aol.com

Ways & Means: Open

Working Western: Open

Youth: Meaghan Shaffer

Endurance Challenge: Marci Cunningham - mcunningham@calcot.com

Region 2 members are encouraged to contact any of the above Committee/Commission Chairs for information, concerns, volunteering your help and/or input.